Canada's new immigration programs announced for over 90,000 applicants

Today (April 14, 2021), IRCC introduced 6 new streams for essential workers and post secondary students in Canada. Three streams are for 90,000 applicants and the other streams do not have a cap.

To be qualified for one of the streams, the applicant must have certain English/French level (CLB 4 or 5), at least one year work experience in Canada in a health care occupation or in an essential occupation or have graduated from a post secondary job, and be employed in Canada when submit his/her application.

  1. Post-secondary students (cap: 40,000): CLB 5

  2. Essential workers stream A (cap: 20,000): Health-related occupations CLB 4

  3. Essential workers stream B (cap: 30,000): Other essential occupations CLB 4

  4. French speakers - Post-secondary students (no cap): CLB 5

  5. French speakers - Essential workers stream A (no cap): Health-related occupations CLB 4

  6. French speakers - Essential workers stream B (no): Other essential occupations CLB 4

The new policy will start on May 6, 2021 and will end on November 5, 2021 or once the caps have been reached, whichever comes first. Considering the number of eligible people for these streams, we strongly advise you to act fast to be able to apply. To find out if you are qualified, contact us today.

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